Sam Kanner

Chief Operating Officer
Sam Kanner , Chief Operating Officer

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    Sam, a long-time operations executive with extensive global organizational development experience, seems to have a special talent for finding the wind … both on the water, and on behalf of the organizations he leads.

    At Dargey, Sam leads day-to-day operations across each of the company’s businesses, as well as the operational requirements of the commercial projects. Sam’s core mission is to develop the strategies and infrastructure that will support profitability and organizational growth. Collaborative and culture-focused, he also excels in shaping high-performing, multicultural teams and leaders. Sam joined Dargey in 2014, after working with CEO Lobsang Dargey on several consulting projects. Prior to being named COO, he directed organizational development and operations for Nordstrom, Getty Images and Avanade.

    Appreciated for his practical, “get things done” approach, Sam has led large-scale, enterprise wide company acquisitions, new business line launches and geographic expansions. He has also directed process improvement initiatives that have generated millions of dollars in cost savings.

    “Outside of my family and friends, I have two great loves: sailing and helping organizations transform, grow and thrive.”
    When not helping Dargey achieve its strategic goals, the Seattle native can typically be found on the water – either sailing, kayaking, or relaxing with his wife and dog in their Seattle floating home.