Lobsang Dargey

Chief Executive Officer
Lobsang Dargey , Chief Executive Officer

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    Lobsang Dargey is a successful entrepreneur with experience in real estate, design, construction, property management, retail, software, and telecommunications. Lobsang came to the United States in 1997. Before starting Dargey Enterprises, he spent seven years in the telecom industry and four years running his own software company.  Lobsang has created an environmentally friendly, mixed-use multi-family portfolio, which includes over 2000 residential units and 250,000 square feet of retail space. Upon completion, this portfolio will be valued at over $400 million. In addition, Lobsang has also focused on redeveloping some key office and industrial assets throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as investing in high-growth companies.  Lobsang fluently speaks seven languages and enjoys spending time with his family.