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Feb 16

Dargey Development

US Immigration approved regional center

Posted by Dargey Development

US Immigration approved regional center

Path America is an EB-5 investment company that builds economic growth by providing employment opportunities to uplift and improve communities of the Puget Sound.

Internationally Recognized, Locally Focused.

As a U.S. Immigration-approved Regional Center, Path America builds relationships between clients and business partners for investment opportunities that satisfy EB-5 requirements. We identify projects in communities poised for growth and long-term profitability and work closely with community leaders and government officials to improve neighborhoods through our integrated, mixed-use projects.

All aspects of potential investments are vetted, from the project size to the unemployment rate in the surrounding area and overall economic environment to assure all EB-5 requirements are met. We are unique among regional centers in the U.S. in that Path America’s parent company, Dargey, owns, operates and manages the projects.