Our Values

We develop and maintain legacy projects that meet the highest standards of construction, sustainability and profitability. We identify and source unique investment opportunities that have a great track record of returns. Our projects create local jobs and retail space for businesses that stimulate the economy. We take pride in guiding investors along the path to achieving permanent U.S. residency through the EB-5 immigration program. Our properties create connected communities, encourage sustainable lifestyles, and provide a place in which everyone can live and work in harmony with nature. 

Our focus is more than just buildings.

Our projects enhance neighborhoods, spark economic growth to the Pacific Northwest and provide citizenship opportunities. 

With Path America, the company creates opportunities for immigrants to gain permanent U.S. residency through investment in EB-5 projects, which result in creation of local jobs and spur economic growth. 

Our projects are sustainable, environmentally sensitive and, in many cases, serve as community gathering places where farmers markets offer fresh produce and prepared foods.